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OfficialLaunch | Sep 29-30

The Heart

Orlando is a city like no other, a prosperous city that stands out as a portal for tourism, recreation, art and entertainment. Did you know? More than 62 million people visit Orlando every year from all over the world. Think of this, 62 Million! a single visitor who hears and is impacted by Jesus’ message of love can impact a region or a whole country.

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People are very busy and life is moving at an alarming rate. It is not our desire that the Church consume their time. Our goal is that the message of Jesus consume their lives. We do not want the church to become an interruption between the people and an encounter with the message of Jesus. We simply want to impact each person “Making Jesus Known!” God has placed in our hearts the city of Orlando; We feel a responsibility for this city. We are sown here and we want to see God transform this city in a tangible way for the kingdom of God. Orlando – “The City Beautiful,” the most visited city in the world, just for all its tourist attractions; but still, we believe that very soon this city will be visited not only for this but also for God’s revival, we believe that we are called to impact not only Central Florida, but also all the nations of the Earth.


Esdras & Gady Inirio

Launch Plan

In the Launch Plan Magazine you will find all the details and steps to see this vision made a reality. We believe that it is an opportunity to discover the metrics that matter, because behind each statistic there is a story.

Inject Vida

Prayer changes all things. Be part of “PrayVida Team” believing that if two or more agree here on earth, heaven responds. Write to Orovida@generacionvida.com to register.

Here Some specifications to pray:

* That thousands of people come and know Jesus.

* Pastors Esdras and Gady and their children. The Leadership and Launch team.

* The Local and Perfect location.

* Financial Provision.

Invest Vida | 40/10 Campaign

Our Goal is 40/10 ($10,000 in 40 Days) for the Launch of this Movement. Please consider investing a single significant amount or partnering with us to sustain this movement. You can also invest through our VIDA APP.

Join us

We are looking for 100 people to help us make this vision a reality. Whatever your talent is, there is a place for you in DreamVIDA Team.

We believe that God is about to do something incredible in the lives of the people of Orlando Fl. We need people committed to serving, assisting and making Jesus known to every person and everywhere. We believe that our dream + your dream = Gods Dream. #JoinTheMovement.

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